Apache Yunikorn

YuniKorn is an alternative scheduler to the default scheduler in kubernetes which benefits complex and mixed workloads. It provides advanced scheduling options like workload queueing and shared quotas. This helps improve the user experience and provides cost savings by providing better resource utilization.

Gang Scheduling refers to a scheduling algorithm for parallel systems that schedules related threads or processes to run simultaneously on different processors. In the distributed computing world, this refers to the mechanism to schedule correlated tasks in an All or Nothing manner.

Bin packing refers to the process of allocation and reallocation of pods to nodes in a way that achieves a high utilization of the nodes. When a node has a low level of utilization, its pods are moved to a node with the highest level of utilization and that has space for the pods available; after which the low utilization node is freed and released.

Yunikorn scheduler talk at ApacheCon’21 – link.


Pinterest talk on their use of Yunikorn – link.

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