Month: June 2016

Bitcoin ransomware attacks – malware

Two ransomware attacks happened in March where the program encrypted files on computer systems in hospitals, in Kentucky and California, then demanded payment in bitcoin for access to the encryption key.

This month a similar attack happened on a hospital in Calgary.

Citrix recently reported a large percentage of enterprises are now buying bitcoin to protect against such an attack.

Backing up systems is important to recovery. Another type of countermeasure is VDI where the desktop is rendered from a remote VM where the information is protected.

Lexus bad-update details

A bad update on Lexus cars crashed its car entertainment system, affecting cars from California to Massachusetts. Details were reported  by SecurityLedger this week.

Users need to bring in their car to a Toyota/Lexus dealer to solve the problem via a forced reset and clear the bad data from the system. The bad behavior is due to incorrect handling of error data returned from third party web services.

“As more automakers embrace over-the-air software updates as a way to push out necessary fixes to vehicle owners, the prospect of unreliable and malicious updates causing real world disruptions has grown. In a March report to Congress (PDF), the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) noted that modern vehicles feature many communications interfaces that are vulnerable to attack, but that measures to address those threats are likely years away, as automakers work to design more secure in-vehicle systems.” – SecurityLedger quote.

Updates and secure updates have not been a well-solved problem in the software world. A backup is usually recommended, but not always possible. Bringing the same solutions to cars and IoT seems like a bad idea.  The need for secure OTA auto updates to work has been noted, for e.g. at the “Five Star Automotive Cyber Safety Program” here and here. Yet it has not been a prominent part of the automotive manufacturers’ lexicon.

As we move towards autonomous cars and a corresponding increase in complexity, these problems would need to be solved in more elegant way.