Uber Security (Keys on Github)

As information-driven physical-world services like Uber, AirBnB and Square become more common they bring up some unique security issues for the interacting parties. To make the service effective they collect and store a large amount of user data. This data can be compromised as data needs to be shared not only with users but also with third party apps.  Then there is a threat of physical assault, physical damage and stolen card data.

At minimum, it is imperative to have a comprehensive information security program that protects the core data collection/processing pipeline and extends outwards to a) services built on top of the data and b) physical identities of the parties involved to assure them of trust in a brief interaction enabled by the information.

This article discusses how 50,000 driver information were compromised at Uber. The driver database keys were found on github ? How is that possible ?

If it is possible then it is a security incident that needs visibility, not just into the information within an enterprise but also outside it. The security incident and event monitoring products that exist (e.g. ArcSight, Bit9, CrowdStrike, Tanium) barely scratch the surface of this requirement – the haystack is bigger than we think it is and the needle we don’t know in advance.

The physical security is harder to deal with. One thing becomes apparent is that the reason the supply of hotels, cabs, even credit card issuers was constrained was due to legislation and regulations that were designed to create a high bar for an offering and build a high level of trust between the interacting parties.

Those lines are being redrawn with technology. The people impacted by the technology should be part of the conversation in coming up with appropriate ways to regulate the offerings to maintain security and safety.

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