Security Acquisitions Oct 2015

Lancope, Viewfinity, Vormetric, LogEntries, Boxer, Secure Islands, Silanis

Lancope – StealthWatch provides a visual representation of the network to detect anomalies that could signify an attack. In the event of an infection, StealthWatch analyzes traffic between servers to determine which hosts were affected. Acquired by Cisco, $453m.

Viewfinity – Endpoint security for windows. App control features and administrative privilege capabilities to protect against zero-day attacks, malware and threats.

Vormetric – Filesystem encryption, keeping metadata in clear and enterprise key-management for third party encryption keys. Acquired by Thales Security for $400m

LogEntries – machine data search technology to help security teams  investigate security incidents deeply. Spun out of University College Dublin (UCD). Acquired by Rapid7, $68m. 3k customers.

Boxer – Android email app, acquired by VMWare

Secure Islands –  IQProtector looks at content and wraps/protects it based with policy based DRM automatically. “Secure Islands’ Data Immunization uniquely embeds protection within information itself at the moment of creation or initial organizational access. This process is automatic and accompanies sensitive information throughout its lifecycle from creation, through usage and collaboration to storage.” Acquired by Microsoft.

Silanis – e-Signatures with strong crypto algorithmic and keys

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